Kindah X Linus

Recently I collaborated with Linus bikes, whom I have been admiring for a long time. Linus makes classic looking bikes that resemble vintage styles.  For this project, I snapped photos as I rode around the Bay Area for a few months. Collecting colors, textures, and making sure to share my favorite sweets, I've been sharing the collab on instagram with the hashtag  #kindahxlinus. 

Shown here is the Linus Mixte 8 Speed with detachable basket and lights. This bike has been great to use in and around San Francisco, with all of the steep hills and long stretches of flat ground intermixed. It's lightweight, and I've been enjoying commuting and just cruising around with it.

Bay Bridge Trail 

Bay Area Color

Bike Delivery: The bets thing about the Bay Area is that you only need 2 wheels to get from point A to point B. Here's a look into one of my favorite shops and also my stockist in Berkeley, Social Studies.

Studio Love

Sweat Treat


1 Cent Painting Project

A couple of months ago, I drew hundreds of drawings by hand and sold them for 1 cent. My online shop settings wouldn't allow items to be sold for "free," and so that was the beginning of the #1centpainting project.
The idea was inspired by this Keith Hairing quote:

"My contribution to the world is my ability to draw. I will draw as much as I can for as many people as I can for as long as I can."

Some of the #1centPainting photos in the wild.

I wanted the drawings be lasting and archival, and this dream was made possible by the lovely people at Legion Paper and Strathmore Paper. Thanks to them, the drawings were created on thick, acid-free, gorgeous paper.

@LegionPaper donated the Stonehenge 100% Cotton 250 gsm paper. This paper isn't too thick, and takes watery layers super well. The surface is very smooth, and it's great for drawing, or light mixed media.

@StrathmoreArt provided their 500 Series Gemini Cold Press Watercolor 300 gsm lightly textured paper. This paper is sturdy, and has a nice grain feel. I'd definitely recommend it for doing heavy mixed media work.
(Paper is available for purchase on their websites! See links at bottom of post)

Since the drawing were being made by the hundreds, I tried not to spend too much time on each one. The goal was to focus on using my signature shapes in every painting.

                Some process snapshots: the repetitive process of making multiples.

The #1centpainting's were shipped all over the world. Some were given a gifts, and others were for personal presents. The project was such a huge hit, that I'm continuing to create these pieces in tandem with my normal work so that they can be given to people in the future. 

This project could not have been made possible without my team member Stacy, Legion Paper, and Strathmore Paper.

Check out these companies for your quality paper needs:
Legion Paper, New York: www.LegionPaper.com

Strathmore Paper, Wisconsin: www.StrathmoreArtist.com